The Zeal of God - 1/24/20

The Zeal of God - 1/24/20

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Listen in as Shift Kansas City Welcomes Dr. James Maloney for a weekend of impartation of the zeal of God. He speaks on how it is time to rise up and boldly believe stuff out of your spirit! The zeal of the Lord is going to utterly consume you!

We were honored to have Dr. James Maloney here with us for three services in January 2020. Dr. Maloney has decades of supernatural ministry experience. He has traveled the world, teaching, preaching, and ministering to the masses. For a season, Dr. Maloney was an instructor at Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, TX. It was at CFNI that Cesar sat under Dr. Maloney's teaching and impartation over 20 years ago. Dr. Maloney has been instrumental in Cesar's life and ministry, and thus the ministry of Shift Kansas City. Currently, Dr. Maloney is in full-time itinerant ministry traveling to cities and nations bringing the Word of the Lord through the prophetic seer anointing. You will be blessed by his straight-forward, honest teaching.

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Teaching by Dr. James Maloney on 1/24/20